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RRBar was formed several years ago, for the purpose of having fun shooting our old guns and to raise money for Happy Trails Children's Foundation. Other than maintaining our little town of Chimney Rock, we donate as much as we can in money raised and our time to support Happy Trails. 

Besides shooting fees, we have items donated that we raise moneys with by having a
We have received a New Cimarron 73 Short Rifle  that will be given away at the Happy Trails Dinner on May 16th, 2015.

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Please mail your Crap Shoot applications by
April 1st
in order for us to receive them on time.   We have openings so if you miss this deadline, just call Little Jersey Jo at 760-247-5012 with your info and bring the app and fees with you. See you all soon!

Little Jersey Jo 

April 10th 11th & 12th
Double R Bar
Crap Shoot
at Chimney Rock

a Tribute to
James Garner
Information and Applications are up

Who We Are

We are a Cowboy Action Shooting club promoting the sport of Cowboy Action shooting using live rounds, steel targets, and timed stages.  We are Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) affiliated and all shooting events sponsored by the club and all firearms used by club members follow SASS rules and guidelines.

We actively support the Happy Trails Children's Foundation and the Lucerne Valley Lions Club as our charities.

The Double R Bar Regulators club was founded in June of 1997. This 'little club with a big heart' has grown rapidly and has earned its reputation for having lots of good, honest fun. Regulators enjoy the camaraderie of friends while exercising their love of the Old West lifestyle and Second Amendment rights.

We are history come to life in our dress and our beliefs.  Double R Bar Regulators take great pride in displaying their insignias depicting the RR Bar brand, which is Roy Roger's own. The Double R Bar club is proud to 'ride for the brand' of Roy and Dale. The Code of the West, as depicted in all of Roy's and Dale's movies, is very much alive with us. Woe to the varmint who forgets that!

Double R Bar regulators are encouraged, but not required, to join SASS and the NRA. 

Monthly meetings are held the first Sunday of each month. Location and time can be found on "Out Calendar" page. 

Monthly shoots are held the second Sunday of the month at the Lions' Pride Gun Range in Lucerne Valley, California again beginning at 9:00 a.m. with a brief shooters' meeting.

For more information about the club and membership fees, Contact me by clicking on the e-mail link below,

Little Jersey Jo
Call Us Today!

Visitors and newcomers are always welcome to attend meetings and shoots as observers. Regulators new to the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting can get trained and mentored in the country's fastest growing firearm-related sport.  Brand new shooters are taught safe firearm handling along with Cowboy Action Shooting.  Safety is the NUMBER ONE priority--though having fun is a real close second.

In addition to shooting, the Double R Bar Regulators volunteer time to assist Happy Trails Children's Foundation.  We can usually be found at any of the charity fund-raisers, Old West themed dances, or lending a hand (or a gun) in impromptu stunt shows.  We've been known to appear in local parades firing blanks as fast as we can (whenever we're allowed ) or livening up local area restaurants after a long day at the range. There's nothing quite like a gang of period-dressed cowboys and cowgirls to add interest to any situation!

Double R Bar Regulators
P.O. Box 3105
Victorville, CA
United States
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